Urgent: Problems Accessing the VALE Website?

Dear VALE members:   I understand that several of you still cannot access the VALE website at http://www.valenj.org.  We had thought this problem was cleared up, but obviously not…so we’ll have to begin again to get a handle on it.  I am copying below the instructions Dave Hoover sent to the list on December 12 with the request that each institution test its access. IF YOU CANNOT ACCESS THE WEBSITE, PLEASE FOLLOW DAVE’S INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY….WE NEED DIAGNOSTIC INFORMATION FROM YOU TO TRACK DOWN THE PROBLEM.  Please DO NOT simply respond that you can’t get to the website, spend a few minutes and send all the information!   PLEASE SEND YOUR REPLIES to:  dhoover@rci.rutgers.edu, avrinj@wpunj.edu and cilibertia@wpunj.edu.

Thanks, Anne

From Dave:

We are trying to followup and make sure we can get a current list of anyone that can still not get to the VALE website.

Today or tomorrow, please try to go to the following URL


If you CANNOT get access please report the following to us:

1) The institution you are trying from

2) If you are using a proxy server from a remote location and if so the proxy server name and/or IP address

3) The exact error message that you recieve in your web browser.

4) email address or phone number I can use to followup on the problem.

5) If it is one computer or multiple computers

If you (or your institution) reported an error before, but it is now working you can let me know that as well.

Once we get a current list I will be contacting the institutions directly to gather more information.

Dave Hoover

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