Update on the New Jersey Knowledge Initiative

The original NJKI ended on February 28, 2008, due to a shortfall in state funding despite a massive effort on behalf of the library and business community to advocate for a restoration of funds. The program is now budgeted for $2 million in FY 2009, which will most likely mean cutbacks in terms of the number of vendors, the number of databases and/or the number of customers the program can serve. Norma Blake, State Librarian, and others will be participating in a meeting arranged by the Governor’s Office with agencies that may have both an interest in this initiative and funding to contribute. This meeting is scheduled for April 22. The NJKI Task Force will be asked to meet after this date and another update to the field will be sent after that meeting.

Kathleen Moeller-Peiffer, MSLS
Associate State Librarian for Library Development
New Jersey State Library
Mail: P.O. Box 520 [Location: 185 West State Street] Trenton NJ 08625-0520
Ph: (609) 278-2640 ext. 170; fax: (609) 278-2650 kpeiffer@njstatelib.org
IM: KatOcrck (AIM)

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