New VALE Digital Video Licensing Offer

VALE’s Digital Video Licensing Committee has exciting news for VALE members. As you know VALE members have been taking advantage of Film Media Group’s (FMG) consortium licensing program since 2006. The program is still available for members to license any FMG title. See for details.

Beginning this fall, the Digital Video Licensing Committee, approved by the VALE Executive Committee, is pleased to recommend 3 additional companies. Participating member institutions will gain the ability to integrate video content “anywhere, anytime” by providing a digital solution for faculty, staff and students.

The companies are INTELECOM, BioMedia Associates and Ambrose Video Publishing. This is an exciting new opportunity for our VALE members. The discounts are deep and even deeper if more institutions sign on. All information is available on the VALE website ( ) under VALE News and repeated under the Digital Video Licensing Committee’s webpage. Following is brief information about the offerings:

INTELECOM is offering their entire collection to you as a subscriber for one price based on VALE’s FTE model. Many community colleges have already signed on to receive their content in a variety of subjects. Additional discounts are available when more institutions sign on. See the details on the VALE website or go to , User ID: valenj Password: xibvz8q

BioMedia Associates produces high quality instructional life science videos that can be used in most science classes from biology to environmental science. The entire collection is available at remarkable discounts with pricing reflecting the VALE FTE model.

Ambrose Video Publishing is probably most well known for the BBC Shakespeare plays. Deeper discounts reflect the number of institutions that purchase. You can choose any number of titles that meet your instructional needs. Information about the titles and the discounts are on the VALE web site.

You will work directly with the vendor to choose the titles and/or the collection and you will be billed separately. However, you need to complete the VALE Digital Video Licensing Response Sheet and return to Judy Avrin by NOVEMBER 17TH so that we can lock in the discount. The Response Sheet is located here — 2008-vale-vd-committee-proposal-10-141 — and includes detailed information about each offering.

If you have questions, concerns, or other companies for the committee to consider, please contact Jane Hutchison, William Paterson University, 120d Library, Wayne, NJ 07470 (973-720-2980 or ).  For more information and a list of committee members, check out the VALE web site and look under the Digital Video Licensing Committee.

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