OLE Project Seeks VALE Input

The OLE Project is preparing its Open Library Environment Requirements document and will soon make this available for comments from VALE. It is an important opportunity for the VALE community to see the accumulated document that reflects workflow and process modeling exercises conducted around the country. VALE members should reflect on this information and ask themselves (and one another) “does this capture the essence and the extent of the work we do?” OLE will look with interest at VALE’s commentary. Are all possible library activities represented? Is anything missing?

We need to understand that our current library system and our habits, customs and policies have strongly shaped the way we conduct the library operations of lending, reserves, acquisitions, cataloging, and periodicals management. It is important, as we review the forthcoming OLE documents, to try to separate ourselves from the constraints of our current ILS and, even more difficult, our habitual practices. Are the generic workflows, activities and processes all there?

More coming soon.

Kurt W. Wagner

William Paterson University



Sharon Yang

Rider University



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