About this Blog

About This Blog

Welcome to the VALE NJ: Virtual Academic Library Environment Blog. This blog was originally launched as the VALE Users’ / NJ ACRL / NJLA CUS Conference weblog, providing updates and news about the 2008 Annual Conference. The blog now provides general news and updates from VALE.

About VALE

The VALE Consortium was developed in 1998 as a grass roots organization to develop inter-institutional information connectivity and collaborative library application projects among New Jersey academic libraries. VALE’s objective is to help institutions meet the demands of students and faculty for access to scholarly materials, visit us at http://www.valenj.org/.

Posting Guidelines

The opinions expressed in this blog are not necessarily those of VALE.

All Posts Are Open for Comments

VALE welcomes comments that offer insight, thoughtful observation, additional information, or are otherwise pertinent to posted discussions and resources. We reserve the right to remove comments that seem inappropriate.

This blog was created and is maintained by Denise O’Shea, Systems Librarian, Fairleigh Dickinson University and the VALE Web Committee.

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