New VALE Digital Video Licensing Offer

VALE’s Digital Video Licensing Committee has exciting news for VALE members. As you know VALE members have been taking advantage of Film Media Group’s (FMG) consortium licensing program since 2006. The program is still available for members to license any FMG title. See for details.

Beginning this fall, the Digital Video Licensing Committee, approved by the VALE Executive Committee, is pleased to recommend 3 additional companies. Participating member institutions will gain the ability to integrate video content “anywhere, anytime” by providing a digital solution for faculty, staff and students.

The companies are INTELECOM, BioMedia Associates and Ambrose Video Publishing. This is an exciting new opportunity for our VALE members. The discounts are deep and even deeper if more institutions sign on. All information is available on the VALE website ( ) under VALE News and repeated under the Digital Video Licensing Committee’s webpage. Following is brief information about the offerings:

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