Have some great instructional materials that you would like to share with your VALE colleagues? Submit them to the VOILA database.

VALE’s Shared Information Literacy (SIL) Committee is seeking contributions to the Virtual Online Information Literacy Archive database. Submissions should focus on instructional materials that include, but are not limited to, assessment tools, lesson plans, tutorials, simulations and virtual tools, handouts, etc.

The VOILA database, which can be both searched and browsed, consists of links and descriptions submitted by VALE librarians pointing to instructional materials residing on the host institutions’ servers. Librarians and other VALE staff are encouraged to use the web form to submit their materials for inclusion. Each submission will be reviewed by the members of VALE’s Shared Information Literacy Administrative team before being displayed in the database.

Want additional information about VOILA? Go to: http://www.valenj.org/~kearneyr/sildb.html#more

Ready to submit your material? Go to: http://www.valenj.org/~kearneyr/flat_file_add_record.php

If you have any questions, contact a member of the SIL team: http://www.valenj.org/newvale/about/committee/shared/silcmembers.shtml

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